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The Importance of 3D Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening

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What Is the Difference Between a Regular Mammogram and a 3D Mammogram?

Did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? In honor of this month, McKenzie Health System would like to support breast cancer awareness by highlighting the importance of 3D mammography for breast cancer screening.

Unlike regular, two-dimensional mammograms that can only capture certain areas of the breast, a 3D mammogram takes multiple photos at different angles, allowing your physician to analyze the tissue more closely. This advanced technique of 3D mammogram tomosynthesis allows our medical imaging specialists to detect small or overlapping tumors between tissue that might be missed on a 2D scan.

To schedule a 3D mammogram, call our medical imaging team at 810-648-6110.

How 3D Mammography Supports Breast Cancer Prevention

When it comes to treating breast cancer, it’s all about early detection. The sooner we can detect and diagnose the disease before it metastasizes (grows and spreads), the faster we can design a personalized cancer care plan for your specific needs.

3D mammography provides superior diagnostic accuracy, allowing for earliest possible detection of tumors within the breast. It is especially useful for screening dense breast tissue (often found in younger women), where tumors can be hidden on 2D scans.

Additionally, 3D mammograms reduce the number of false positives that may appear in some 2D scans, giving you better peace of mind when waiting for results. Our Senographe Pristina mammography exams are known to decrease discomfort and enhance breast cancer screening and detection efficacy. The ProFound AI computer detection software, powered by iCAD technology, assists in analyzing images of breast tissue to identify suspicious areas that could be cancerous. This technology runs on an algorithm trained to detect malignant soft-tissue densities and calcifications. The results, including scoring of findings, helps radiologists determine if a suspicious finding or case needs further testing.

For more comfortable and more effective testing, McKenzie Health System will always recommend 3D mammography screenings.

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, This Month and Every Month

For breast cancer prevention, awareness, and support, McKenzie Health System is here for you. Our physicians are dedicated to providing quality treatment and services for whatever you may need, whenever you may need it.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, schedule your 3D mammogram today! Give us a call at 810-648-6110 to get started.