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Community Paramedic Program

Connecting Healthcare to Patients in the Comfort of Their Home

McKenzie Health System (MHS) is proud to offer a program to support the health of the Sanilac County community. Our Community Paramedics (CPs), which have received special training, operate the Sanilac EMS Community Paramedic (CP) Program allowing them to visit patients in their homes with oversight by Sanilac Medical Control Authority (SMCA). This oversight allows CPs to perform assessments, treatments, and preventative services for patients who have chronic diseases, an increased risk for readmission, and those predisposed to needing to utilize the hospital’s Emergency Department.

Who Can Benefit from the CIP Program?

Patients who lack access to primary care for various reasons can benefit from the CP Program so they don’t have to seek healthcare in dire emergencies only. The CP Program was designed to close the gap by expanding the role of emergency medical services (EMS) personnel and to provide in-home care for patients with chronic conditions to reduce readmissions to the hospital. Planned CP visits include assessments and possible interventions like blood work, EKG, or orthostatic blood pressure monitoring.

CPs generally focus on:

  • Assessing vital signs
  • Reviewing medications
  • Assessing home safety and fall risks
  • Providing and connecting patients to primary care services
  • Completing post-hospital follow-up care
  • Following up on Emergency Department patients who are non-compliant, have no PCP, or have a been diagnosed with a high-risk illness or ailment
  • Making referrals to community resources that might benefit the patient

Contact Us

Experience our difference and make a referral to our CP Program. To reach McKenzie Health System’s Sanilac EMS Community Paramedic Program, please call 810-648-6150, extension 237.

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