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Diagnostic Imaging Services You Can Trust

Stay Local. Save Time and Money.

McKenzie Health System provides comprehensive diagnostic imaging services to our patients, including computed tomography (CT), X-rays, mammography, ultrasounds, scopes, and more. These services are offered right in the heart of our community, providing patients with the convenience they deserve without the need to travel outside the area.

To schedule a diagnostic imaging appointment at McKenzie Health System, give us a call today at 810-648-6110!

Why Choose McKenzie Health System for Diagnostic Imaging?

Many times, patients see specialists and receive referrals for imaging services outside the area. However, McKenzie Health System offers a range of outpatient services that match the quality and accuracy of larger hospitals, while providing a more personalized experience.

Equipped with advanced technology, our experienced team of imaging professionals can provide quick and accurate results that are crucial to timely treatment. We offer individualized care, attention, and compassion, in order to ensure each patient feels comfortable and educated regarding their imaging procedures.

Saving you Travel Expenses and Time

Our diagnostic imaging services are not only accessible, but can eliminate the cost and time of travel. We understand the financial burden that sometimes comes with traveling outside of the community for tests. That’s why we have brought the same high standard and quality results to you.

Diagnostic imaging services at McKenzie Health System provide a convenient, cost-effective, and high-quality option to patients in the area. Our team of medical professionals is highly experienced, knowledgeable, and here to answer any questions you may have.

Diagnostic Imaging Helps Detect Issues Early

Early detection is essential in treating many health conditions, and diagnostic imaging plays a crucial role in this. It enables physicians to detect subtle changes in the body, identify the exact location of the problem, and begin treatment before it worsens.

Diagnostic imaging tests can detect tumors, lesions, blood clots, and many other health concerns. Such detection allows for early intervention, which often leads to better health outcomes and even better treatment options.

At McKenzie Health System, we recognize the importance of early detection, and we urge patients to schedule an appointment for a diagnostic imaging test as soon as possible if they believe they may be experiencing symptoms of a serious condition.

Contact us today at 810-648-6110 to schedule an appointment for diagnostic imaging.