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McKenzie Health System Presents Diabetes Complications Seminar: Empowering Individuals and Families

Photos from the 5 911 visits

Continuing their mission to keep our neighborhoods safe and ready for emergencies, the McKenzie Health System team teamed up with local emergency responders to visit schools in our area. The goal? To make sure students know what to do when faced with tough situations. They recently met with third-grade students from CPS Elementary, Peck Elementary, Sandusky Elementary, Frostick Elementary, and Meyer Elementary.

During these visits, the team led students through pretend emergencies, like someone getting hurt or needing to call 9-1-1. This hands-on experience helped students understand how emergency responders work, from the moment someone calls for help to when they arrive and provide care.

The events were made possible only with the support of Sanilac County Central Dispatch, the Sanilac County Sheriff Department, Croswell EMS, Sanilac EMS, Tri County Ambulance, Croswell Police Department, Lexington Police Department, Peck Police Department, Sandusky Police Department, and other local heroes who worked to make these visits happen.

Billi Jo Hennika, Chief Operating Officer at McKenzie Health System, said, "Seeing how students and staff reacted shows us just how important it is to be prepared. By teaming up with our amazing first responders, we're making our community safer and better prepared for anything. Plus, these visits help inspire the next generation of healthcare workers, showing them the power of teamwork and helping others."

In today's world, being ready for emergencies is more important than ever. These visits are a big part of making sure everyone knows what to do when they happen. Together, we're building a community where everyone feels safe and prepared for whatever comes our way.