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Infusion (IV) Therapy Treatments Available at McKenzie Health System

Photo Rebecca Stoliker, BSN, RN, Director of Nursing Services at McKenzie Health

McKenzie Health System Outpatient Services offers a wide array of medically prescribed infusion (IV) therapy treatments for various medical conditions to meet the needs of the community.

Autoimmune disorders, dehydration, gout, infections, inflammatory diseases, iron deficiency, osteoporosis, and non-healing wounds are some of these conditions that may benefit tremendously from infusion therapy. The treatments quickly and efficiently deliver fluids, medications, and nutrients to patients intravenously into the blood system. McKenzie Outpatient Services provides antibiotics, supplements such as iron, blood transfusion, and IV hydration treatments with plenty of accessible parking, an onsite pharmacist, short wait times, and COVID-19 safety protocols.

“Over the past several years, we have seen an increase in requests for infusion therapy,” shares Becky Stoliker, Director of Nursing Services. “As we work to provide the services needed by our community, we continue to expand what we offer. If patients contact us, we can evaluate and advise if medications are available and if it will be covered by their insurance.”

Patients will enjoy a convenient and stress-free experience in a relaxing, private, and safe environment with the comforts of home, including warm heated blankets, restful recliners, TV, and Wifi. Professional staff monitor all infusion (IV) therapy treatments to ensure safety and peace of mind.

To learn more about infusion (IV) therapy at McKenzie Health System, call 810-648-6165 or visit The friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer questions about insurance coverage, availability, and appointments.