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McKenzie Invests in Latest Ultrasound Technology

With the purchase of innovative ultrasound technology that will help with both diagnoses and treatment plans, McKenzie Health System is expanding its diagnostic procedures to offer more advanced care for patients. The innovative LOGIQ™ S8 premium ultrasound system, a small, lightweight, and portable device from GE Healthcare, can also reduce the need for further testing, such as more costly CT and MR scans. Likewise, the GE Vivid E90 is the premium cardiovascular ultrasound system with outstanding image optimization and ergonomics.

Because of the size and portability afforded by these new systems, they can easily be rolled into a small exam room or next to a patient’s bedside for convenient and efficient ultrasounds. The LOGIQ S8 premium can also examine dense tissue on all body types and sizes and allow sonographers to quickly and seamlessly share scans with the medical team. More comfortable than many options, the system can reduce exam time, a welcome benefit for patients.

“As we continue to invest in the health and wellness of our community, we are pleased to enhance our ultrasound services by offering incredibly clear, detailed scans on all body types from infants to adults,” said Jay Smith, Director of Diagnostic Imaging and Cardiopulmonary at McKenzie Health System. “Thanks to this highly advanced technology, we will be able to provide even more confident diagnoses and develop customized targeted treatment plans.”

Thousands of ultrasound tests are performed each year in the United States as image quality continues to improve and applications continue to expand. It is a non-invasive medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of internal body structures and organs as well as to show blood flow through vessels. To learn more about services and technology available at McKenzie Health System, visit