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Social Worker (FT)

Title: Social Worker

Department: Human Services

Hours: Primarily Day Shift. Hours may be adjusted in response to patient needs.

Status: Full Time – 40 Hours per week to meet workload demands. Low census may be utilized in accordance with hospital policy.

Qualifications/Background Requirements

  1. Master’s of Social Work (MSW) degree, required.
  2. Minimum of 2 years’ experience within a health environment, required.
  3. Prior experience scheduling patients and dealing with medical records is preferred.
  4. Experience with case management, preferred.
  5. Experience with program development and coordination preferred.
  6. Experience with developing policies and procedures, required.
  7. Strong Communication skills, required.
  8. Demonstrates ability to assimilate the totality of the patient's circumstances, medical problems, family support, home environment, finances, etc.
  9. Demonstrates strong communication skills-at times requiring the ability to convince patient and family of need for follow-up services or care.
  10. Ability to extract important information and communicate it to others in an educational manner, relative to multiple learning styles
  11. Demonstrates ability to establish good working relationships and effective communication with peers, patients, families, physicians and all other clinic and hospital personnel.
  12. Demonstrates ability to adapt to change and work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  13. Ability to handle multiple tasks in a stressful situation while maintaining composure and excellence.

Job summary:

The Social Worker will assist patients and their families with personal and environmental difficulties which predispose them to illness or interfere with obtaining maximum benefits from medical care. Will act as an advocate for patients and provide additional resources to them based on need. The Social Worker will perform patient monitoring on a weekly basis, developing a therapeutic alliance. Will participate in the inter-disciplinary treatment team, where patient status is updated, and appropriateness of care reviewed. The Social Worker will also assist in collecting and processing data necessary to suffice grant requirements. Frequently communicates directly and via phone with patients, their families and caregivers; Networks with multiple external community and private support groups such as Home Care Agencies, Commission on Aging, Mental Health, MHS Healthcare Practices staff and various placement facilities; Has contact with all hospital employees.

Send application/resumes to: Carrie Krampits, Director of Human Resources

Date posting effective: January 11, 2023

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